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Post  THE JAM JAR SHOP on Fri Jul 30, 2010 4:26 pm

CONTACT: 01572 720720
email: sales@jamjarshop.com
Website: http://www.jamjarshop.com/index.asp

Jam Jar Shop brings you all the choice of glass jam jars, sauce bottles, oil bottles, preserving jars, swing top bottles and jam-making equipment available to the commercial producers, in manageable quantities. We have everything from 1 1/2oz jars for individual portions to 1/2 gallon jars ideal for pickled onions or pickled eggs
Oil bottles from Italy - perfect for packaging gift items, smaller bottles for sauces or fruit vinegars and the ever-popular preserving jars, very useful for storage. You can even choose from a range of lids, some in a variety of colours. We have budget ranges and end-of-line bargains and are happy to discuss wholesale prices for bulk orders.
Our range of equipment has been built from practical experience - products we have found useful, economic and easy-to-clean in our sister company 'from the country larder'. Jam funnels, maslin pans, jelly bags - even long-handled wooden spoons to keep your hands away from spitting jam!

We have sourced a continuous supply of these items to enable you to benefit from our buying power. These products are often impossible to find in High Street cook shops as many are regarded as 'niche' and are usually very expensive.

We love to hear from other jam makers - why not send us an email with your questions and we'll try to help.


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